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Directorate of Water & Sanitation

Directorate of Water & Sanitation

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Directorate of environment

Directorate of environment

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Directorate of climate change

Directorate of climate change

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Functions of the Department


    Increasing access to portable water in rural areas and urban centres:

    • Rehabilitation of existing water supply systems.
    • Development of new water system.
    • Drill boreholes to increase water supply to the urban/rural centers.

    Provision of water for livestock:

    • Build dams and water pans to increase storage of rain water.


    Promote water harvesting and modern irrigation methods Secure and conserve water catchment areas:

    • Rehabilitation of existing irrigation infrastructure.
    • Determination of irrigation potential.
    • Development of new irrigation infrastructure.


    Rehabilitation of degraded places & Mitigating the effects of floods:

    • Promotion of planting of appropriate trees and rehabilitate degraded catchment areas.
    • Enforcement of environmental and water resources management laws to deal with poaching, encroaching on catchment areas and wildlife reserves, degradation through mining and charcoal burning and illegal diversion of rivers.


    Rehabilitation of degraded areas such as hills and rivers:

    • Mobilize communities around degraded sites in order to win their support for the projects.

    Education and awareness:

    • Develop site specific environment management plan acceptable to all stakeholders.

    Ensuring compliance on EIA/EA, waste, water quality and noise regulations:

    • Undertake interventions that will reduce degradation and provide livelihoods improvement to the surrounding communities on a sustainable basis.

    Operationalize the environmental coordination and management act;

    Awareness creation on individual rights under the new Act;

    Promote alternative sources of energy;

    Reduce environment degradation to minimal levels:

    • Initiate aggressive Campaign on tree planting and reforestation;
    • Environmental Days and Awards;
    • Increase surveillance and enforcement of existing regulation on charcoal trade;
    • Resettlement of squatters on settlement schemes;
    • Increase surveillance and ensure enforcement of the EMCA ACT;
    • Increase education on integrated pest management and the extension services;
    • Aggressive Campaigns on proper waste disposal/management and use of biodegradable materials;
    • Promotion of an integrated Approach of conservation initiative;
    • Promotion of conservation initiatives focused on certain Catchment areas;
    • Emphasis on conservation for production or activities/outputs that farmers Can derive and share.


    Provide Proper infrastructure for solid and liquid waste management:

    • Source for financing and construction of sewage systems .

    Increase toilet coverage:

    • Public education to change attitude.

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