Investement Opportunities - Health Sector

Investment Opportunities in the Health Sector

Modern Tourist Medical Centre

With state of the art medical equipments and facilities that can attract medic
critical facilities the centre should have include:

  1. Renal/Dialysis
  2. Cancer unit
  3. MRI
  4. Forensic lab

Pharmaceutical/non pharmaceutical Industries

  1. Invest pharmaceutical and expect 50% Profit
  2. Invest innon pharmaceutical products (e.g. surgical gloves) and expect 45 % profit

Health Information systems

  1. Automation in over 50 Health facilities to boost revenue collection and easy retrieval of medical records and research.

Medical college

  1. The county has enough workforce of over 600 health workers, health facilitiesand workload that is ideal for medical college.
  2. Moi (Voi) hospital is an ideal centre for medical research on tropical diseases.