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Taita Taveta County is home to various natural resources but very little information related to the resources is availed. There is an urgent need to create research programs to confirm, for example, quality and quantities of commercially viable minerals to attract investors to partner with the communities in exploiting the resources. Many community forests have unknown wealth and people from outside the county come to exploit the resource through dubious channels. There are paint- making clays at Wongonyi in Mbololo, Bixa in Kishushe, limestone at Mariwenyi and many other industrial products that can be viable all over the county.

To have control of these resources, the research department will;

  • Recruit a human resource with a capacity to indulge in qualitative and quantitative investigations of all major industrial resources in the county
  • Map out zones for particular activities that are commercially viable
  • Liaise with other departments to recommend best land use practices countywide
  • Create a quality analysis board and laboratory that will be mandated to maintain standards and carry out random inspections in goods and service outlets.
  • Create a Fund to support research and attract donors from partner industries locally and abroad.