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This department will initially focus on small scale enterprises found within the county with a view to enhance efficiency and productivity while at the same time researching on ways to improve the functionality of systems to the next level of growth. As an example, the weaving of baskets by traditional methods may be enhanced to generate methods for faster and better quality products. Innovations will gradually be introduced using tested ground but localizing the content.

At the same time, industrialists will be encouraged to come up with suggestions to put up businesses and enterprises where incentives like county land, subsidized taxation nationally and better operational environments will be emphasized. The onus on the County Government will be to build on good relations and emplace a good, knowledgeable and reliable human resource.

  • The basket weavers will be brought together to source ways of improving the manufacturing then look for market channels and at the same time build on distribution points locally, regionally and abroad.
  • A tomato paste manufacturing enterprise around Njukini to be empowered by introducing packaging and distribution/ marketing components in the manufacture level. Then advocate for systematic inputs where farmers will practice contractually to ensure deliverables of known quantities. This will soon be replicated in areas like Mwatate, Wundanyi and Bungule in Kasighau for the area communities to eke a living from the cottage industry.
  • Rice in Taveta is shelled across the border in Tanzania then re-introduced at a higher price back in Kenya for sale. Two shelling machines are either lying idle or underused, leading to this situation. The projection here is to advise on optimization and mechanization for better profits and localizing the entire chain of activities revolving around rice production. Efficiency in handling will improve yield and this will have a domino effect on the economy of the county and also improve on food security.
  • The Jua Kali sector is currently complaining of neglect by the authorities at all levels and the youths are up in arms against the government for reneging on its pledges. Talks will be held in conjunction with the KIE and other stake holders to find modalities of boosting working conditions in the jua kali sector in Voi, Taveta and Wundanyi initially. A budget will be proposed to give incentives for better quality of works. This will be with a view to ultimately guide manufacturing of improved implements and products in the sector. The corporate sector will be invited to offer channels for improvement and sponsor innovative ideas.
  • BOT schemes will be encouraged where entrepreneurs will be invited to showcase their proposals and, within the law, come up with agreements that will see the county go industrial unlike the current situation where no single factory can be found. PPP strategies will be adopted where conditions are favorable and when clear benefits to the communities will be confirmed.  

As an example, the tourism industry can undertake a feasibility study to develop a network of cable cars in taita hills, sagalla hills and kasighau.

  • The manufacturing of cement, ballast and small scale fabrication from hematite and manganese ore can be encouraged locally. A lot of inquiries have been made by private companies towards this direction. Gypsum is also locally available.