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The department is currently under Ministry of Industrialization,Minining and ICT.Its located in Voi town ekklesia house(ACK Secretariat),opposite CPSB , 2nd floor sharing the floor with  Berito Mining compony.


  1.        Promote ICT infrastructure and secure networks within county government
  2.        Implement county ICT strategy and standards
  3.        Carry out systems analysis, design and program specifications
  4.        Carry out data management ,storage and maintenance
  5.        Oversee the process of configuration, repair and maintenance of information communication technology equipment and associated peripherals
  6.         Oversee the overall coordination, monitoring and evaluation of ICT systems and operations in the county
  7.        Implement county/national ICT policy and e-government master plans
  8.         Advice county government on progress/implementation of ICT projects in the county
  9.           Maintain the community information centers at all levels in the county
  10. 10     Managing the procurement processes for ICT equipment and projects
  11. 11     Planning and budgeting of ICT functions
  12. 12     Designing, development and maintenance of county information systems
  13. 13    Managing ICT projects
  14. 14     Capacity building in ICT skills and development
  15. 15     Offer ICT customer service and user support
  16. 16     Formulation, dissemination, implementation of ICT policies, strategic plans and guidelines
  17. 17     Promotion of county e-government
  18. 18     ICT training and standards development and administration
  19. 19     Provision of ICT consulting to other county government departments and agencies
  20. 20     Provision of advisory services on acquisition of ICT and telecommunication services and equipment


  1. ICT Infrastructure Development and Connectivity (This includes datacenter and call centers)
  2. To create job centers within the information offices where any work vacancy can be digitally be openly advertised to all qualified and thus minimize on nepotism and corruption
  3. ICT Policy and legal framework
  4. Automation of internal processes e.g. ERPs
  5. Transport management system and tracking   for county  vehicles
  6. Radio systems to support various services e.g. enforcement, transport etc
  7. ICT community training camps
  8. ICT promotion,entrepreneurship and startups
  9. Telemedicine
  10. Human capital and workforce development
  11. Community ICT centers in every ward
  12. Public Wi-Fi  for community mobilization
  13. GIS mapping


  1. ICT Roadmaps
  2. ICT Policy (under development)
  3. county ICT Infrastructure(under implementation)
  4. Community Information Centres(Mgange)
  5. County ERP System(CountyPro)
  6. Website 


Office location:

2nd Floor Ekklesia House Voi Opposite CPSB(Above KPLC Offices)

Email: ict@taitataveta.go.ke